Do you get turned down by even the dating services?

Does matchmaker. com have your picture posted with a red circle and a line through it? Have you come to the conclusion that you are severely dating impaired and eagerly waiting for your own parking spot at the mall?   Perhaps a dating coach is what you need!   Someone not related to you that has no problem accessing why you are repulsive to every potential mate out there and willing to help you out with even your most dire personality malfunctions.   Dating Coaches are a relatively new area of self-help worth looking into.

A dating coach is typically a paid professional in the art of relationships and is the newest thing spurring articles in even the most reputable newspapers across the country.   So what exactly do they do, how much do they cost and will it work?   This is basically an unregulated field and doesn’t require a degree although a good majority of these love gurus do have some sort of psychology degree.   Keep in mind they are not bound by any confidentiality laws and could spill all your personal secrets to anyone they want.   No one knows for sure how many of these coaches exist but some rough estimates are between 10-30, 000 currently in the United States.   Their approximate fees range from $75-$125. per hour.

There are some that offer help on-line and some that come right to your house and watch you in social situations to determine what weaknesses you possess in the realm of social interaction.   Their clientele range in age from 22 yrs. old to 72 years old and tend to be mostly male although some coaches have had recent spikes in female clientele.

  What services do they offer that might help you get back on track with your love life?

Many have written books, pamphlets, CD’s about the psychology of relationships.   They will offer workshops on body language, flirting tips, how to be confident, accentuate your strengths and help you determine what you are looking for in a mate.   They are not a matchmaking or dating service but some will organize single events for socializing to practice what you’ve learned.   It really depends on the coach and the services they offer.   For people that have been out of the dating field for a long length of time this could help get your feet wet and get back in the game.   Sometimes it could be something as simple as the way you dress is too revealing or offensive to others.   Perhaps you appear to be too cold or standoffish when you are actually just shy and quiet.   Dating coaches can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and offer helpful ideas for a future successful relationship.   It can’t hurt and might be worth a try.