Isn’t it curiousthat women will spend ten or fifteen minutes at a minimum putting on makeup and attending to their hair and clothing before going outdoors for even the simplest of tasks? It’s becausethey know that they’re judged by their appearance. When they’re going to a significant event, like a dinner date or the theater, they may spend an hour or more on their appearance before leaving home. While some men are particular about their appearance, the fact is that most men are not, with the result being that you sometimes see couples together where the woman looks like a runway model and her man looks like a hobo.

Your internal character is just as important as your physical appearance in constituting your image. This internal character, in fact, is more critical than physical appearance when people are formulating their opinion of you. You want women to conclude that you’ll be a good companion, a good provider and a good lover, and they’ll certainly consider your character more highly than your looks in that assessment.

If your girlfriend left you, it may have something to do with your image. Let’s see what changes could be made that would help you get her back:

First, have a vision of how your life should be and who should be in it:
Women want men who will provide them a feeling of security. One thing about you that conveys that is your recognition of the world around you, your place in it, and your plans for constantly improving your situation. A man without a plan is also without a woman. Part of your successful image, then, is a vision – a plan for yourself and your family. If the lack of a plan has led to problems in the past, face up to them and move on.

Second, take action and show results:

Okay, you’ve developed a plan, but having the plan alone isn’t sufficient to get her thinking about coming back to you. The plan you worked out isn’t meant to be window dressing, it’s meant to be a guide you follow to make something of yourself in life, to become someone your girlfriend will want to be with. You have to be your own man – this means that you’re not taking money from anyone else to pay your bills, and that you’re actually earning enough to make a comfortable life for the two of you.

Get in shape:

A man who lets himself get flabby is perceived as not caring much about himself. How, then, will he care for a girlfriend? It’s not necessary to spend money to get fit – just dedicate more time to engaging in physical activity. Even walking up the stairs will help! The result is that you’ll be fitter, healthier, and more appealing to her!
Improve your appearances:

If you look like a slob, what woman is going to want to introduce you to her friends? It’s not hard for men to learn how to dress – there are innumerable web resources providing instruction in how to match different articles of clothing to present a pleasing appearance. You should also make a point of paying attention daily to your personal grooming.

Fifth – have fun that she can share in:

It’s easy to get involved in work or esoteric hobbies or sports, but when you’ve got a girlfriend, it’s important that you be able to spend time together doing things you both enjoy doing. What you do together isn’t nearly as important as simply being together, but if she’s bored or unhappy because your time together is always spent pursuing your interests, how long will she endure it? Find out what sort of things she’d like to do, and change your routine so that more of your time together is focused on her interests.

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