The game for sex is a complete guide to making women follow you to the room with a smile and hey! for the records, I am not a bad guy I just know the game and my advice – don’t try this! except you are ready to answer because she wouldn’t stop calling. This is a continuation of the topic attitude – how to turn women on.
It is about approaching women the right way…getting them to do it the way you it. In a minute, I will be showing you how you could succeed in taking any girl to your room and having it as you want it.
First, it is only a less busy guy that travels to another town just to meet a lady, now you know how less busy I mean…the desperate smart guys who thinks the flirtatious one are the easiest ones

That’s a weak “first step” it is better to move her over or better-still, give a good reason why you would be visiting and tell her you will invite her if you are less busy…not to make it look like she is your sole aim
At this point you must be able to construct a good cover up story or just tell her you are on vacation, and you are coming to her town to catch fun and see some friends tell her you will invite her when you are less busy.
Tell her where you are lodging but insist you will call her before she could come. This sentence suggest you came for something more important, but will create time to see her, that is a great start and guess what, you will bring her with much expectation, she would come waiting for you to act.

Now, I never said this before – it is better and more attractive to give women the impression that you came for something else but created time to see her then to make her feel like you walked all mile to unload on her…trust me you wouldn’t get it

We are talking about how to turn women on – how to play the game for sex. It is better if doesn’t know your next line of action… whether you would seat her down and talk about “golf” or if you would pester her all evening and turn her off keep keeping her on the edge…somehow surprises interest them and don’t give
excessive Compliments

She probably would want to impress you in any way she can, surely to buy ticket for another day. lets say you came in the evening of Monday, then called her and told her…you just arrived. Tell her the town is good and the hotel is good then cut the phone.

Here you want something from a pretty girl but you have to build her attraction to the gut-level, You have to practice the game for sex in the least possible time available, you have to make her want you and you need to curb desperation …I mean try to stop being desperate or trying to impress her like you are buying her or something. The fact that you came into the town…very close to her and wasn’t in a hurry to see her, create a sudden chemistry within her.

you called her let’s say for a minute and said the hotel is good, you just called her, you never asked her to come and see you – that is just you being manly

Did I tell you that not being in a hurry is related to having confidence, and boosts attraction.
Invite her the next day, probably in the evening. Here, we are going to practice the one-three-two method First, you start from the room then outside and then back inside the room. that’s the real game for sex
Ask the hotel attendant to bring her right into your room, at this point, you could mess up the game if you are not careful. This is not your time, talk to her for five minutes.
never give her any compliment or tell her how beautiful she looks tell her your experience in the town never make the mistake of trying to touch or kiss her if you really want to build her attraction, if you really want to have it work out for you!

After about 5 minutes tell her you need some fresh air…take her down-stirs or outside depending on the environment, two bottles of coke would do, don’t try to show off by buying expensive drinks or some luxury lunch

At this point, she definitely doesn’t know what would come next, you brought her to your room, instead of pestering her like every other guy, you behaved like you are not interested. This is what sparks them up, this game of “I don’t really need you” makes the player different. At this point she thinks you really don’t want her, she is almost confused.

You invariably told her that sex is not all you need now, that’s the game for sex. Tell her how busy you’ve been, tell her you may still see her before you go… time permitting. Just this comment alone could make her jump to you, you told her you might not see her again, she would definitely make proper use of the available time
Talk for like one hour, then tell her you need to get back to your room, tell her you have a project to finish, take her along. Bring her into the room, now you can make the first move. I really shouldn’t tell you what to do, maybe I could help you if you can’t figure out what.

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