For men, one of the most important things on the first date is to have fun. Real fun, actual happy positive fun. Because this is the reason for our existence as men: to provide positive experiences to all people in our lives, especially women. Is this some weird new-age hippie bullshit? Of course not. Nobody wants to deal with other people and have negative experiences with them. Perhaps there are some who do, people with a difficult childhood or other psychological problems. Otherwise, everybody wants to have fun -and lots of it- in their daily lives, in dealing with the opposite sex and especially on a date.

This is not just because it is nice and provides us with happier feelings, but in fact there are very deep psychological reasons for this, reasons that lead back -once again- to the foundations of attractiveness. An attractive man finds fun in life, in everything he does, with everybody who is around him.

Therefore he shows that desired self-confidence, dominance, aggressiveness and all other very male qualities. He never takes the world -and above all himself- too seriously and enjoys his life. Such a man can offer a woman just the kind of life she is looking for, because he has the potential to deal with problems the right way, and it is also fun to be around him.

To be positive is therefore totally attractive – because who feels the desire to spend time with a whiny loser? Nobody.

And women even less. A date should be something easy and not something stressful, always on the positive side, and this is naturally managed best with fun and humour. That does not mean that you should play the clown, because such a clown is not only unattractive, but slips immediately into the category of “friend”, from which there is hardly a way out.

You can find a few tips in proper conversation topics for the First Date, especially those things that men must absolutely avoid on a date.

The most important tip for having fun on the first date is therefore quite simple: a man should amuse himself and not play solely the role of entertainer for her. Because men have to avoid giving the impression that they want or expect something from her, or that they are trying to get her approval by using cheap tricks. A man makes jokes from a position of dominance, but remains relaxed all the while. This is something incredibly attractive for women. That’s why we keep reading in all surveys, online profiles and interviews with women, that the “right man” has to have a sense of humour. And practice makes perfect is valid here again, i.e. we must learn to apply the “right” humour when chatting on the Internet, talking to other people and flirting with women, and this is something that doesn’t come by itself.