The more I talk to men and women about dating and relationships, the more I realize that there is almost no real good dating advice out there for men – and men are the ones who need this kind of advice the most. Not because women don’t need this kind of advice – they often need some help too. It is mostly because of the fact that men are expected – even in our “modern” society today – to be the leader in a relationship. Especially when it comes to flirting and dating.

So what is “good dating advice for guys”?

That is pretty easy: Advice that leads to more success with women and relationships.

There is a lot “bad advice” out there: Hollywood, magazines, female friends, your mom! The first two just want to sell stuff, so they write what looks kind of right and seems to make sense – because the other two told you a bunch of BS about women and girls. Not to be mean or to mislead you on purpose – to the contrary: They really wanted to help! But what they do is to repeat society’s conventions and morals that have nothing to do with what women really want. You can easily verify that this is true: Just try the advice your mom, sisters and female friends gave you in the real (dating-) world. Does it work? Of course it doesn’t.

This is because women need to hide their real wishes and desires – the things they really look for in a guy and the things that really make them feel attraction. Just because this makes them look “bad”. And it is just the same for guys: Which guy would ever dare to admit (to a girl) that he is really fascinated by her boobs and would actually like to have a threesome with her and her best friend, after which he would love to just disappear into the living room and watch sports with his best buddies and get drunk.

Good dating advice cuts right through those lies and misconceptions and helps men to understand women better, find strategies and systems to be successful at dating and ultimately to be a better man, who is naturally attractive to a lot of women.

Where can you find such advice? Of course I could be one source for you – my blog and my books will do for you exactly what I just described. But don’t put all your trust just into me – all my advice is based on hard science, which you can read and draw your own conclusions. But there is a much better test for good dating advice for men: Go out, try what you learned in the real world and compare this to what you heard from other sources (like your mom or that TV show) – you’ll be surprised! 😉