Everyone knows guys can be… predictable.

It doesn’t mean we are lacking in intellect or that we are doomed as the «lesser sex,» we just like consistency. So what about girls? Many inexperienced college students will learn in their four years that just like any terrible B-list horror movie, girls are just as readable. It just takes a little more insight. Five stereotypes of college females will not cover all of the beautiful personalities these lovely ladies have to offer, but it will definitely get any hopeful guy a starting point to figure out what he’s looking for.

The Party Girl.

Let’s face facts: the party girl is more widely known as the slut. That doesn’t mean we have to tear the poor girl down! A lot of guys are looking for this fun-loving, free-loving girl in college because they aren’t ready to be tied down yet. For the guy seeking fun without the hassle of the follow-up call. Substitute a quiet night at the steak house for a bass-induced dance night with her slightly-more-irritating friends, and she will be sure to thank you.

The Indie Girl. Little jeans, big gauges, and a few tattoos you’ll have to find yourself. This girl is usually smart, sassy, and edgy. She loves smart, ambitious guys and great music. You might have to cut through some em


otional walls to get a first date, but your first night out at the Grace Potter concert will prove a great time for both of you. Avoid syncing your schedules; the indie girl enjoys her own input enough to make you want to pull your hair out.The Sorority Girl.

She knows what she wants and she loves a good time. Beautiful, motivated, and fiery, this girl makes the grades and the party. Families fight, so prepare for some sisterly drama that you will have to hear about. Nod your head, smile, take her on a picnic. If she gets to show off her new sundress, you get to show her off to your jealous buddies. Prepare for long phone calls.

The Activist.

Here you will find the social work and psychology majors. They love interpersonal conversations and guys that save the world. If you are looking for a lovely lady with a little baggage, the activist is for you. A casual date is usually easy enough, but with the long talks, prepare for lots of quality time.  If you don’t mind the cling factor, a few dates with this fine woman will teach you about life, love, and maybe yourself. Don’t try to throw any wisdom back her way! She will not appreciate the competition.

The Girl Next Door.

You had a crush on her in high school, and you hope to settle down with one when the time is right. Sweet, shy, smart, and classy. This young lady will be easily impressed, but not from your cheesy gestures. She will love you for the care and attention. Stray away from your girl-related college experiences and drug-induced war stories; this girl wants you to be as caring as she is. Since this is the «let’s make a family» girl, your grades and buddies will appreciate it if you can wait for her till your final semesters. Have fun while you can. She’ll be there waiting on you, and you’ll be glad she is.