As we have already read in “Places to go on an Date” there are good and bad places for a first date. We always have to think first if the meeting place where we want to spend time with him or her is really appropriate to show us in our best light and to allow us to get to know the other person in order to find out if he/she is really the right one for us. So, if we think beforehand about what we want from the other person and always remember that we are not only there to check whether he/she is the right one, but also offer him/her the chance to present himself/herself favorably, we are already on the right path. Of course we should never forget those things that are important between men and women.

We have to avoid any kind of meeting place where an embarrassing situation – i.e. in which one just sits there and does not know what else to say – might develop. Although there are some ways to work around this, some meeting places are so awkward and boring that there will be a point when one simply does not know what else to say.

It is therefore necessary to do something together that seems quite natural and automatically provides easy and casual topics to talk about. Almost every (sports) activity done together fits very well: this creates a joint activity that provides many opportunities to joke and to show off your good treats, incidentally also allowing us to prove that we are physically fit. The same applies to many ordinary activities like shopping at the supermarket, buying a new pair of glasses or new clothes, where he/she can be taken along as a fashion consultant. Even a car ride to a friend’s house where you have to pick up something works fine. This means we can just take our date to completely ordinary activities of our everyday lives. The more natural this looks and feels, the better.

The café as a meeting place for a first date is of course a classic. You can meet there for a first date just to check out if the other person is in any way weird or strange. This is ideal, as you can leave very quickly. You should however plan any following date more carefully and do something together. Activities make dating really easy: We no longer have the huge pressure of showing ourselves to be absolutely perfect – but just as a regular person that is fun to spend time with. Even at mundane activities like shopping or walking the dog. Now we have a relaxed setting to be able to determine in an easy and fun way whether somebody is a good match for us – or not.