You can’t fight off the urge to have sexual intercourse during your time in college.

Depending on where you attend college at, there will be a girl or girls who will give you the urge to actually make a move and have sex with her. With the recent emphasis in how girls act and dress, having sex won’t be as difficult as you portray in your wet dreams. Unfortunately, there are a few rules and regulations to ensure that nothing interferes with your pursuit of a full sexual pleasure. So, without further ado, I present to you the Do’s and Don’ts of Sex in College.

Do Have Safe Sex. If it comes to the point that you wish to have sex, be 100 percent sure that your partner (hope that it’s a girl) wants to have sex as well. Wear a condom because safe sex is next to great sex. Also, if you don’t wear a condom, well let’s just say 9 times out of 10, you will be a baby daddy. Have Safe Sex; it’s the best way to keep yourself and your lover from early pregnancy.

Don’t Have Sex with someone other than your Girlfriend. When you are having sex, please do not have it with a girl who you just met. If your girl catches you in the act with another woman, it is about to go down in that place. Be careful on who you end up in the bed because it will come back to haunt you forever in your feeble minds. Stay with your girl and there won’t be any problems.

Do give your girl the best sex she ever had. I can’t stress this enough, even if you are a college student. Do whatever it takes to make your girl happy, bite her ear, kiss her neck, anything to keep her interested and happy for you. If you fail on this tip, your relationship will go down into the toilet. This is important, keep your girl happy and she’ll return the favor.

Don’t go out and flirt with every girl you see:

This is a dangerous sign for a person who is committed to one girl. I know in college that there would be women who are so hot that you couldn’t help but to flirt at them a little, but you can’t ask them out or talk sexy to them if you are in a relationship. This would mess up the whole focus of your relationship, because your girl would think that you would prefer someone who is more beautiful than she is. Don’t be that guy, be the type of guy who would go out of his way to get out of a previous engagement just to spend time with his girl.

So, when it comes to sex, it is pretty complicated.

Especially if you are a college student that really wants to have sex with his girl no matter what.   You must always remember that besides your parents, your girlfriend is the most important thing that you are thinking of right now, so you should treat her like a queen. This is an article for all the college students who are desperate for love from their girlfriends, and are messed up with the state of their relationships. Pay attention to this article, you may need this in the future.