Do we Need a Dating and Flirting Counsellor? The answer is clearly yes! In recent years we have all noticed that there is something wrong in this respect: there are too many singles by far who are often not happy. Many of them have had relationships, were married, had a stable relationship, then became single again, but were never really satisfied. This goes for men as well as for women.

Women like to complain about the lack of “real” men and they are of course right: today there are an enormous number of men who are so nice and friendly that they have lost their manhood somewhere. They wish to discuss and understand everything, and they are incredibly sweet. But that is only half the glass, because the manly man who sometimes bangs on the table, who sees a woman on a different level and can deal with her properly, is somehow in absence

“Real” women, those who score with their femininity and do not try to imitate men and show manly strength, have also disappeared. In doing this they have simply given up an important part of femininity, of course at the expense of attractiveness. And let us be absolutely honest: a woman who does not find the “right” man does not need to be particularly attractive and feminine, because whom should she be it for?

So it is quite clear: a flirting and dating counsellor is more than appropriate in these times. Men and women are dissatisfied with their lives and need closeness, relationships and sex more than ever, because with these they can find a way to balance our fast-paced society.

For this reason, a counsellor for relationships, love and sexuality has to go much farther than just delivering quick solutions for short-lived affairs. Today, it is necessary to help men and women on a completely different level, i.e. help them to be “real” men and “real” women again.

However, the knowledge necessary for this does not come from family, school, friends and acquaintances or the media any more. Talking about these things or behaving accordingly is not fitting for the contemporary zeitgeist, although both genders are absolutely dissatisfied and also feel often empty inside for this reason. Only by means of new incentives and the right teachers or coaches, or good role models, can we become again what we really wish for: to be a “real” man or a “real” woman.