Does The Girth of Your Penis Satisfy You?

I had a comment from a potential guest blogger the other day about not wanting to post her post on my blog because it has a link to a penis enlarging site.

Her prerogative of course, but it’s still a little annoying. I’m not sure when people are going to STOP looking at words such as penis, sex, breasts, sexual, sexuality, and penis size as bad filthy words. I mean seriously people get into 2011 and out of the 1800’s.

Every guy on this planet has a penis. Every woman has boobs and a vagina.
Almost every man and woman ends up having sex at some point in their lives.
That isn’t going to change!
Let’s Stop Confusing People

My poor catholic husband was so confused about his body until he was in his late teens. They made him feel bad that he had a penis and desires that went with it. That blows my mind.

They might as well lock it up until manhood if that’s the way they feel.  

Not only do both sexes have ‘ special parts ‘ on their body (that’s how article sites like to receive their content), but they also have health concerns regarding those parts. Both physical and mental concerns.
Some people suffer serious issues with the way they look. It can affect them very negatively and become a serious problem for them.
Breast and penis size is part of that concern. GASP!
Breast reduction or enhancement is becoming more and more accepted whereas penis size increase procedures are looked at as some sort of porn or naughty thought! It’s ridiculous.

Not only is it looked on poorly but anyone who dares to think about doing it is made to feel bad to the point of being a weirdo!
What gives someone the right to make someone else feel bad in this life – especially about their own thoughts and self image?
You don’t decide how someone feels about their body. In fact I’m willing to bet that you have some sort of dislike about your body that you complain about or whine about or obsess about or stare at in the mirror – I’m willing to bet that other people would think YOU are ridiculous.
The point is, body image can affect our self confidence. It just can. And our bodies contain many different parts (like penises and breasts) that is a part of our body image.

The mother whose stomach has gone crazy from birthing babies can obsess about it to the point of depression. I’ve seen it. Whose to tell her that removing extra skin is a bad thing.

Yes there are some people who are COMPLETELY satisfied with their bodies! Please…introduce me to them when you find them.
Our bodies include penises, breasts, vagina’s, arm pits, knees, hands, ears…. so let’s start accepting them for what they are and allowing people to get the help they need to take care of their body parts – or in some cases change them.
You definitely don’t have to do it yourself, but you definitely don’t have to make other people feel bad for thinking about it or worrying about it.
That said – here’s an article on penis size. If it offends you don’t read it, but remember there are a lot of guys out there that are concerned about their penis size, and just because your best friend tells you that it’s wrong to be concerned – that doesn’t mean that it is.
Don’t feel bad for your feelings, concerns, or issues with your body. The way you feel and the decision you make are yours – not his or hers to make.

Does The Girth of Your Penis Satisfy You?

The thickness of your penis is often referred to as the girth. It’s the measurement around your penis as opposed to the length of it. It is normally measured when the penis is erect and can be taken as the average of three different measurements which include the base of the shaft, the middle, and just below the glans penis.

Are You Average an Average Girth?

Penis size is on a lot of guy’s minds and it might be comforting to know that penis size and shape is not set in stone. Where you were born, what race you are, and who you inherited your genes from all make up what penis size you will have and differentiate you from the guy next door.
Dr. David Delvin reports that the average penis size from tip to base is somewhere between 8. 5cm to 10. 5 cm (3-4 inches) when the penis is not erect. He does point out that averages are quite valueless because factors such as cold weather and swimming can cause shrinkage of 2 or more inches.

The girth of the penis has been averaged to be about 1. 25 to 1. 6 inches, but again the averages differ depending on which source you go to. It’s not a hard and fast rule and should be looked at with a little flexibility in mind.

How important is The Girth of Your Penis?

If you listen to many experts on sex out there you will hear that it is not the length of the penis that matters but the girth instead. But some women may disagree!
The more girth on a penis gives the penis a more likely chance of pleasuring his female counterpart. A woman’s vagina has nerves close to the entrance and the wider the penis, the more likely it is to really stimulate those nerves.
That said, women come in different shapes and sizes just like men, and the size that doesn’t send one women on fire may please another women fully.
askmen. com, 79% of women said they would not change their man’s penis size if they could.
So what do all these statistics and numbers tell us? That preference is what it all boils down to. Having the ‘right’ penis size is not important because there is no ‘right’ penis size.

How to Measure Your Penis for Girth.

If you are not satisfied with your penis size and want to increase it then you will need to know the girth of your penis. This will allow you to have a starting point to work from.

You want to measure your penis when it is fully erect. Measure the mid part of your penis to get a good girth estimate. Wrap the measuring tape around and take the measurement to the nearest quarter inch. As said before you can measure the base, middle, and below the head of the penis for an average size if you would like, but the middle of the penis should do just fine. Whichever way you do be committed to do that same exact routine every time you measure.

Want To Increase Your Penis Girth With Surgery?

First you should know that while thousands of penis enlarging surgeries have been done there has not been a study done that has been checked by independent experts (known as a peer-reviewed journal). This fact may be of concern to men who are considering getting the surgery done.
One process consists of the abdominal fat sucked out and injected under the skin of the penile shaft to create a sense of thickening. On the other hand, a sheet of fat and tissue with blood vessels taken from the buttocks or groin can be placed within the penile shaft under the skin.
It has been reported that the results of the surgery can be a disappointment where up to 90 percent of the injected fat can vanish within a year.
Another form of surgery is where a ligament is cut and then plastic surgery is performed to add skin to cover the new length from the cut. Of course this type of procedure may add length to your penis but I saw no studies reporting an increase in penis girth.

If you want to increase your penis size without surgery then you may want to try out a penis extender. Learn more today and see if it’s right for YOU!