How To Get a Relationship Huge Dating Mistakes – That Many Women Are Guilty Of!

First of all, the impression you make is going to impact how he views you and whether or not he wants to go out with you or go out with you again.
These are common mistakes that are made all the time by women that hinder their success with men.
These dating no-no’s can be made before the first date or on the first date – either way they will turn a man off, and most likely leave you wondering why he hasn’t called back.

Mistake 1 – Blurting out everything about your life all at once.

We start rambling and it can be hard to stop sometimes and rambling is always accompanied by sharing our thoughts, feelings, and facts that don’t need to be shared – just yet.
He doesn’t want to know about your ex-boyfriends, past mistakes, hard to live with traits, or your view on where you go when you die. Some things need to be shared when you have gotten to know each other a little bit better – and left alone until then.

Mistake 2 – Talking negatively and whining about everything!

Being a negative person will change anyone’s view about you in an instant. And it will not be about how great you are but instead how annoying and depressing you are. It doesn’t matter how cute or innocent you think your whining is.
It seems like a lot of people start conversations off with a negative tone and it has almost become the normal thing to do nowadays. Listen to the next person who approaches you and I’m willing to bet I’m right.

No one wants to be surrounded by negative people and no one is attracted to negative people. So imagine what they will think about you when the first impression you give them is of a negative and whiny woman.

Keep the conversation on a positive note and do not complain about everything under the sun no matter how tempted you are to do it.

Mistake 3 – Irrelevant conversations

Make sure you keep your conversation to relevant information.
For example, if he mentions that the weather is really nice today do not start talking about how the weather was on your last vacation. (This will almost always lead to rambling as well by the way).

Keep it on track and agree about the weather and talk about how great it is for what you are doing today. That will lead to more relevant conversation about the day and what the two of you have planned.

Another great tip is to talk about your surroundings. This will keep the conversation in the moment which will allow you to be in the moment as well and avoid rambling.
So if you are drinking coffee then talk about the coffee shop. Or if you are in a restaurant then talk about the decor and food.

Where To Meet Good Men

Now let’s talk about meeting new men for all ages – GOOD new men.
I’m not saying that all men at these places are going to be strictly good guys, you’ll have to weed that out for yourself, but the chances of meeting a good guy here are much higher than at a lounge or club.

There’s a reason behind the place that makes it so appealing.

The Gy m – The guys here are taking care of their bodies and putting some effort into their health. This is a great thing! You have already spotted a guy that’s more likely to get off the couch and do something rather then drink beer and watch sports all day.
Plus you get the added bonus of him being disciplined and goal orientated. The chances of him having other goals are highly likely here.
High Tech Stores – The guys here are looking for stuff to compliment their lives and if they are buying expensive software or hardware then you know that they have money, goals, and interests beyond playstation and, again…. the couch.

Honestly this would work for any guy shopping at a store, by himself, that doesn’t involve video games or pornography.
Through Your Circle of Friends –  Chances are your friends have a lot in common with you and the chances are also pretty good that their friends have a lot in common with them and so on and so forth down the line.

So this means that the guy who is friends with your friends husband may be compatible with you! Do you follow my logic here?
This also means that you should have a better insight into him through your friends and their friends.
Work –  The statistics for relationships beginning at work are quite high, close to 25%, and for a good reason.
Let’s get this straight though, I’m talking about meeting guys who work with you and have a career that they are passionate about and not a guy who hates his job but stays there with no drive to find something better for himself. If they can’t figure out how to make themselves happy how do you think they will make you happy?

And one more thing…if they are happy and passionate about working at a fast food joint don’t rule them out. People who are happy where they are in life are still better then people who hate where they are and have no drive.
The great thing about work is you know their ethics and drive when it comes to their work and life. You see them achieving goals and making new ones. You know they are making money and possibly have a car…but that’s besides the point.
You have lots of information to start a conversation and get to know them before actually having to date them and where else can you see your lover everyday once you do start to date them?

Online Dating Sites – There are many benefits to meeting a guy on here and so many people are doing it nowadays that you don’t have to feel weird about it anymore.
The men on these sites are actively looking for a partner and their information is there for you to see. You don’t have to approach them or talk to them or even acknowledge them if you don’t want to. You just have to look around and see if there is something that interests you.
Plus you can do it at a time that is convenient for you. After work, before work, when the kids go to bed, when your friends leave for the night – whenever.

If you are careful and follow some guidelines for online dating then you will have a great chance of finding a guy you have a lot in common with and who makes you really happy.

Some Online Dating Advice For Women

Be Honest About Who You Are
Post the latest photo of yourself and not the best one you have from ten years ago. Photos can be quite deceiving to the eye and that’s why we pick the best one but remember that you may eventually meet someone who thinks that the you ten years ago is the real you now.
Also keep you weight, height, and preferences on course with who you really are. Again remember that meeting him with a different body and likes will result in a waste of time on both your parts.

Stay Positive and Lighthearted

Just like when you meet someone you want to give them a positive impression of you.
Don’t mention how much you hate online dating, but thought you would try it because it may be the only way you could meet someone with you crazy schedule. NO! Don’t do that. Not attractive.
Imagine what they think you will think of them for being on an online dating site if you think it’s so stupid. Chances are they won’t follow up with you at all.

Don’t talk about your negative points but always keep the focus on your positive.
You do want to be honest still and you may have a quality that other have told you is bad before but if you do want to be honest and mention that you tend to talk out of turn or your stories go on forever then keep it in a quick and positive light followed by a but…you’ll love my stories when I tell them.
Keep it Open to Possibilities

You may want a Christian man who is 5’6 and weighs 190 pounds, who makes 100, 000+/year, and who wants exactly 3 kids in the future but you don’t want to make that the only option you have.
If you can give a little room on the weight, height, and salary – hell, even the kids – then you have a better chance of meeting the man of your dreams instead of the man of your criteria.
Remember that there is more to someone then there statistics. There is a personality and a heart behind these guys as well which makes them unique in their own way.

Final Thought About Women and Dating and Relationship

One thing I always want to stress, and I hope you remember, is that you deserve to be happy and nothing less. If you find yourself in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy then fix the problems – or get out!
Life is about enjoying every minute and living it to the fullest and if you spend your years miserable, unhappy, and wishing for something else, then you are wasting these precious moments.