When it comes to learning how to better get to know a woman or a man, I keep hearing the same story all the time: As soon as someone is shown a way to seduce somebody more easily, there are concerns about morality. We “shouldn’t” manipulate other people for our own benefit, and certainly not in matters of love and relationships, right?

However, these concerns have actually no reasonable basis:

Whoever gives a woman flowers, invites her to dinner or does something just in order to get her to like him better, is clearly and obviously manipulating her. We have already said that women consider this as attempted bribery. Of course this doesn’t work, but it is manipulation at its purest and most men do it. Whoever says that he doesn’t want to learn new things that help him in getting to know a woman, and still tries to influence her by other “nice” behaviour, is trying to manipulate her. Unfortunately, he is doing so in a very poor manner and without success.

The same is valid for women wearing especially revealing clothing, using makeup, breast enlargement, etc. This is only intended to make other people perceive her as more attractive. The same goes for the police officer who wears a uniform and for the company that distributes free giveaways to customers. All of them are manipulating.
As we have just seen, we manipulate everybody around us all the time anyway, sometimes in a conscious way, but mostly unconsciously. People tend to manipulate naturally all the time; it is a part of our world that turns us into the social creatures we are.

Whoever doesn’t learn how to influence other people the “right” way is simply worse off. Bad luck, right?

Because neither does the knowledge of how to treat other people come naturally, nor does this knowledge belong exclusively to a small, secret group of particularly valuable people who use it nobly and honestly. On the contrary, companies, politicians, television and media, all use this knowledge, which is available and accessible to everybody, in order to influence us every day. If you are not aware of this, you will also be a much easier victim of such manipulation.

Whoever uses this knowledge about manipulation to harm other people is of course doing something bad. But if you are just trying to improve, in order to get better with yourself and your environment, you are clearly doing something good, and not just for yourself!

All those who believe that “love” simply appears without the need of gaining previous experience, or getting prepared for a relationship, are simply naive and believe what the media and Hollywood want them to believe.
It is high time to start thinking about how communication with other people works. It makes no sense to complain about the fact that we are manipulating other people, because this is how we function as human beings. It is simply much smarter to consider how to influence positively and with working and long lasting results. This means that the issue of morality is not to be sought in manipulation itself, but in the reasons for which somebody is doing this manipulation.

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