First dates can be awkward for most people.

  You are not sure how to act.   You do not want to scare your date away.   Here are some great tips for making sure your first date goes well and you possibly may get a second date.

Be sure that you are ready when your date picks you up.  

If you are meeting him somewhere, be sure that you are on time.   No one likes to be waiting for a date to get ready or show up at their meeting place.   It gives your date the impression that you do not respect him enough to show up on time.
When you are on a first date, you want to take things slow in all directions.   You don’t want to share too much personal information.   You also want to take things slow physically.   You do not want to be cold towards your date but just engage in casual conversation and you will be fine.

Be certain that when you are getting ready for your date that you look your best.


People in general tend to feel more confident about themselves when they look nice.   You will want to choose your outfit according to where you are going on your date.   You do not want to wear an evening dress if you are just going to the movies, for instance.   You want to look nice but not overdone.   So go light on the jewelry, makeup and accessories.

It is okay to have one drink before your date just to calm your nerves but go easy on the alcohol during your date.   The last thing that your date needs is a crazy drunk on his hands.   Or even worse, he certainly doesn’t need a girl throwing up all over his brand new Mercedes.   That is the easiest way not to get a second date.   And it certainly will not make a good first impression.

Do not try and make up stories about yourself just to impress him.

If you lie, you will get caught in the end if the date eventually turns into a relationship.   Lying is not the best way to begin a new life together.   Do not tell him you work as a fashion model for a prestigious modeling agency when in reality you are a waitress at a local diner.   Do not try and pretend to be something you are not.   You want him to like you for who you are and not for what you think he likes.

Listen to what your date has to say.

You do not want to be the one doing all the talking.   It is not all about you and you don’t want to give the impression that you are self-centered.   Make him believe that you are truly interested in him and what he has to say.   Don’t be afraid to ask questions like what his passions and interests are.   You never know what the two of you may have in common.

After the date is over, you can both decide if you want to see each other again.