Com and something that seems to be common is that women are unsure of how to please their man in bed, and men tell us that they wish their woman could satisfy them.

This was pretty alarming to us, so we figured we get to the bottom of this, and come up with 3 ways to to please your man in bed.
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Just like a woman, men want to be teased. They want to build up to the climax through kissing, touching, licking, caressing and foreplay.
Tell your man how they make you feel, what you want to do to them, what you want them to do to you. Sometimes you have to be the dominate one in the bedroom. Sometimes you have to tell him what to do.

But switch it up. Sometimes you have to be submissive and let him have your way with you. Tell him what you want done to you and have him surprise you.
All of these kinds of talks are very hot and sexy, and build anticipation. And if you have them at random times, not just in the bedroom, it becomes a big tease and a HUGE turn on!


I haven’t met a man yet that doesn’t like a woman to strip for him. It’s why men go the strip clubs. It’s the thought and anticipation of what’s going to happen next.
Some woman are afraid to strip because they feel silly. Some think they aren’t attractive enough.

Put an end to all that talk! STRIP!

Your man will love you for it! He thinks you’re plenty attractive, which is why he’s with you. Give him the fantasy of being at a strip club while at home.
Learn how to do it. Rub him, grind him, and when he tries to touch you, move his hand away and tell him «no touching». He will get totally turned on, and you will have some GREAT sex!


I know what you’re thinking; no man wants a hand job, right? WRONG!
And this is perfect for those women who HATE giving head!
Many women who hate giving head make it such an awkward and uncomfortable experience for a man that he doesn’t even want them to go down on him.

But a hand job is different. If you learn the art of it!

Men think hand jobs feel great, especially when it’s your hand, not theirs! They get an incredible visual experience out of it. They watch your hand gliding up and down there «best friend», watch your face as you get into it, and you get to watch them enjoy what you’re doing to them.
There are several tips and techniques you can use to give your man the most incredible hand job of his life. The kind of hand job that will have him doing whatever it takes to do ANYTHING to please you in return. And whatever it takes to keep you by his side.
If you want to learn more about giving mind blowing hand jobs, then Oprah Expert Michael Webb is where you need to turn. He’s written a «how to» guide for Hand Job Help.

Just click the link below or the image in this article to learn the best techniques for giving the most unforgettable hand jobs ever! And say good bye to giving head!

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