There are so many of them, you can’t see the wood for the trees! In this article we will try and guide you through this by giving you some valuable tips on how to select the best Agency for you.

What do you want?

Are you looking to do some occasional Internet chatting with possibly more? Are you looking to broaden your group of friends by joining an agency that organises dinner parties or are you looking for a long-term relationship?

For each type of contact there will be a number of sites and agencies available that can help you with your search. In our Database all these types of services are available, and from the description for each of the sites and agencies represented it will be clear what services they will be able to supply to you. Terms like ‘Personal Introduction Agency’ or ‘Online dating site’ are making perfectly clear for you.

If you can’t find what you need in our Database system, you can make a further search on the Internet, but make sure you make your search specific for the type of relationship you’re after. Otherwise it will be a long time and a lot of hard work later before you’ll find the contact you’re looking for!

Who are you and who are you looking for?

It is not only important to establish what you want, but also who you are will play a part of whom you will meet. Are you an executive who has no time to go on evening dates? Then an agency that organises lunch dates might be the answer. Are you a Christian and is it important to you that you meet a person who is like-minded? Then have a look in our Spiritual section for websites and agencies catering for your requirements.

Joining an agency that caters for your specific needs will help you find like-minded people or people who can at least understand your background, your profession and religious beliefs. Agencies and sites in our Database that are catering for a specific category will therefore have this category listed in their description.

How do you choose the right online dating site or personal introduction agency?

So you know what you want and you know who you want. Now it’s the time to get what you want! But there are so many possibilities to choose from, that it is still a mammoth’s task to succeed. Here are some tips for both ways of introduction that will hopefully put you on the right track.

Choosing online dating sites

Find out how big their database of possible contacts is. The more contacts available, the more chance there is of finding the right one!

What is the set-up of the search facility? How many different parameters can you set and does the search facility give you enough flexibility? An example: you are only looking for ‘female’ ‘friends’ in the ‘Sussex’ area between ’35 and 55′ years old. You have identified four parameters. Will the database present you with the right people, or do you have to trawl your way through all the 35-55 year-old females looking for any type of contact in England? The search facility is all-important, as it will reduce the time you spend sifting through details of people you are not interested in.

Can you leave a profile of yourself? The more you are able to tell about yourself on the site, the better people will be able to establish whether they will match with you and vice-versa. Some sites will only have an area for you to leave a description and some will only have some boxes that you can tick to make your profile (i.e. smoker/non smoker, hair colour, religion, favourite movies/music, etc.). The best sites have both, enabling you to give and receive as much information as possible.

Can you leave a picture of yourself? First impressions always count and a picture of yourself can make or break your chances of a suitable contact. So some tips about pictures are suitable here:

Use a clear picture of yourself, either a portrait of a full picture;
Have a shave, a haircut and put on your most favourite/comfortable/sexy clothes;
Try to smile and look confident/comfortable. An open and happy face will get a lot more attention;
Do not use black and white pictures, as they usually will not do you any justice;
Do not use a ‘funny’ holiday snap of you and your mates! It might not be funny for other people and the details might not be clear enough;

Do not use pictures taken in a booth, as they might make you look very pale. There is usually not enough blank space around you head on the picture, making it look as if your head is ENORMOUS! And if you don’t smile it will look like a mug shot;

Do not use a picture holding a baby if that is not the message you want to put across;
Do not use a picture taken in your work uniform (only if you look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun)! You might en up looking like a clown (i.e. if you are a chef and tend to wear those great checked trousers) or a prison officer (i.e. if you are a policeman, a postman or indeed a prison officer!);
Don’t be photographed with a drink and a fag in your hand if that is not your usual habit. It might give the wrong impression.

Are you able to read people’s profiles without paying? Good Internet dating sites will enable you to check profiles without paying. You can then make a choice and pay when you want to make contact.

Are your data secured? Make sure the site is working according to the Data Protection Act. Check that none of your details (not even an email address!!) is available to the people contacting you. Usually sites like this will have a facility that will enable people to contact you through a secure connection. It is then up to you whether you want to give out your details.

Choosing a Personal Introduction Agency

Find out how big their database of possible contacts is. The more contacts available, the more chance there is of finding the right one!

How do they select the right people for you? Will they let the computer do all the hard work or will they make a personal match. The instincts of an experienced matchmaker can make all the difference when it comes to making the right connection.

Will they meet every prospective client in person? If they don’t, don’t bother. They are obviously not interested in your needs and personality.

Do they have a personal approach that you like? You will have to get on with the consultant in order to get the best possible service. If you don’t feel comfortable, how can you be sure they will fit you with the right contact?

Do they do everything to make you feel comfortable? I.e. will they listen to your wishes (about the amount of dates a month you prefer), will they put the right suggestions across (about the right venue to choose for the first date) and can you call them at a variety of days and times?

What do they do to expand their database and improve your chances of a good match? Do they advertise, have a good looking website and do they organise evenings open to everyone?

Establish from the start how many dates or matches they are likely to make for you and in which time frame. See what you will get for your money.

Check if they offer a mix of meeting opportunities. For example do they organise dinner parties, singles holidays or speed dating (where you will meet a lot of new prospects for only a matter of minutes each).

As with all new contacts, first impressions are everything. Dress yourself for the meeting with your consultant as if you would go out on a first date (smart but not too daring). It will give the consultant the best possible ‘material’ to work with and it will give you a great feeling, too!

Are your data secured? Make sure the agency is working according to the Data Protection Act. Check that none of your details (not even an email address!!) is available to the people without your permission.