For us men, the following situation is a quite well-known one: a stunning woman is standing in front of us at some place – a pub, a club, on a train, in some cafe, etc. – and looks at us. She doesn’t avert her eyes immediately, and maybe even smiles a little but we… do absolutely nothing! We stay put and ponder: “Might she be interested, or what was that all about?” “If I go over and talk to her, she’ll probably turn into a total beast!”, “Hmmmmm … should I approach her or not?” This inner dialogue can last for minutes or even for hours and the result is always the same: at some time or other she goes away, by herself or with another guy, but the result is always the same: she is definitely gone!

It is quite possible that she was interested, and so we have missed a good chance to meet a possibly great woman. Worst of all: This kind of opportunity does not really come up often, and lost time or not taking advantage of this opportunity can usually not be made up later. Most men have such opportunities daily, and 99.99% of them give them away because a) they are afraid and b) they are not prepared for this kind of situation.

Women expect men to approach them, because this is one of the fundamental duties of a man. Women are the ones to choose a man and men have to strive and be active. It is as simple as this, and it will go on being this way for the next centuries if not millenia. To hope finding a woman who simply takes the initiative and approaches us is usually to no avail.

So what can a guy do about that? Approach her!

There is just no way around this. If you want to be regarded by her as a real man, you will have to act a little bit more aggressively than hitherto, scrape up your courage, and approach her. And in doing this, the most sensible thing is to stick to the Three-Second-Rule: You discover her, you notice her interest (more or less clearly, perhaps not at all, but it doesn’t matter in the end) and you immediately start counting down (with a smile, because this is also a fun game): 3 – 2 – 1; you should have already started to walk towards her no later than this in order to talk to her. Done! The 3 seconds are not only an advantage because you don’t have time to come up with any stupid ideas that may prevent you from approaching her, but they also allow you to prove just what a woman wants from a man: courage, aggressiveness, confidence. Such a knows what he wants and he is not afraid to take it either. A man, who only looks at her and then acts as though he has no interest, is not only unmanly but also pretty ridiculous (because she always knows what is going on!), even if at some time later he finally approaches her shyly.

Of course this is very difficult for men who have not dared to speak to somebody, and especially to women, for many years. There is only one thing to help out here: practice! A little fear will always be present and will have to be overcome again every time, but each time you do it, it brings you nearer to it being something you just do, and above all you’ll learn that something bad will never happen. With each rejection, we learn how to deal with this kind of result and get over the negative feelings we had associated with this kind of social situation until then. With each success we strengthen our self-awareness and confidence. So – there is nothing to lose.

To address women confidently and without hesitation, we must have done this a few hundreds times. It sounds like a lot, but if we talk to about 10 women daily, after two weeks we will already have approached more than a hundred. With each woman we approach, we get a real chance to find our “dream woman”. If we don’t do it, we don’t get this chance! It’s as simple as that!