We met on friday and planned on going to see my friend on Saturday afternoon. then by 7pm same day she called me and said she was going to a party, initially we never talked about any party but I said she is free to go (which I am regretting now) Then in the morning(Saturday) I txted if she was awake and she should get readyfor our trip.

I waited a while, there was no reply then I went over to her house and saw a car parked outside. which seem weird because We don’t own cars, so I thought it could be her girlfriends’ so I opened the door(I had the key too) about to walk in when she stormed outside and said “leave, I am drunk and I don’t want you to see me like this,” that was unusual.I tried bypassing her and she was almost guarding the door with her life “Leave” she said again then I left not quite sure what I should believe. I took off without saying any word, came back to my house and realized I dropped my keys somewhere so I went back to her house , it was 12pm and the car was still parked outside.

I found my keys, went back homeAnd began thinking, Then I put it all together.1)she never sleeps naked, not for the past four months we’ve been literally sleeping together.2)she couldn’t be intoxicated all night and even in the morningI was thinking all this when she walked into my room and after several minutes she finally came clean…and said she met the guy last night and he followed her to her house…and they fooled and kissed but…no sex.for several minutes I was non responsive, then she started crying, talking about how she loved me and told me how important I am to her and how she never would be happy if I leave her.

I let her cry for hours before I started calming here down.

The more I think about the thing we had been through, the sweet moments, the more I even wanted to cry. She cried on me for more than 2 hour before I held her hands and took her home.Now I am alone, confused, need your advice on what to do. Thank

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