I’ve always dreaded first dates.
I was usually stressed from the morning of the date until the day after.

Then I’d start to worry about how things went and whether he’d call for another date.
It took a series of first dates (I lost count it was so many), for me to realize that first dates aren’t that bad. The problem I was having was that I had adopted some bad first date habits.

  1. So, I adopted some new ones.
  2. By changing these habits I was able to actually start having successful first dates.
  3. So, here are my 7 Habits for Highly Successful First Dates:
  4. It’s An Introduction, Not An Interrogation

A first date is a great way to get to know someone. Getting to know them does not mean conducting an interview, or worse, an interrogation. Keep the conversation light. If you decide to date him, you’ll get to know more about him over time. You don’t need to find out his whole life history on this one date.

Make Him Feel Special

A first date is where you want to put your first foot forward. You want your date to see you as their potential someone special. He won’t feel this way if you don’t make him feel special.

So, make sure you put some effort into being a good date – don’t complain, frown or be a downer. And please don’t talk about other dates you’ve been on recently. He may eventually want to be the one, but not if he feels like one of many.

Don’t Talk About Past Relationships

No one wants to know about your ex, especially when you’re on a date. Leave your past at home and focus on the present. Bringing your ex and  the baggage from  your past, to your date is the fastest way to scare a man away. Now if he brings up your past, just keep it positive and move on to another topic of conversation.

Don’t Look at Other Men

The world is full of attractive men. Unfortunately, they may all suddenly appear at the same restaurant as you and your date. As women we do like to look, but looking can ruin your chances with the man sitting across from you. So, keep your eyes and your mind focused on your date.

Be Observant

It’s easy to get lost in the moment. However, a first date will be the starting point for getting to know your date better. That’s why you need to pay attention to what’s going on. Don’t just listen to him, look at his body language. Look at how he speaks to others. Observe how he reacts. Some of these may be warning signs, red flags, that you need to watch out for.

Be Yourself

Putting your best foot forward, does not mean trying to be someone you’re not. If you spend your first date trying to create a persona that you believe he would like, then ask yourself, how long you’ll be able to maintain this facade. It’s better to lose someone who does not like the real you, because then you can find someone who loves you for who you are.

Always Play It Safe

No matter how nice your date is, don’t trust him. You don’t know him. Even if you were introduced by a friends. YOU DON”T KNOW HIM. Don’t accept a ride home or ask him over or let him know where you live or work. Remember until you know him well, play it safe. Most men will respect the fact that as a single woman, you need to play it safe.

Those are the 7 habits  you need to adopt for successful first dates. But remember the important thing.

Enjoy yourself! Have Fun!

Mastering these 7 habits will ensure that you have great first dates. There’s no guarantee that it will lead to you getting the ring or the commitment, but hopefully it will lead to a second date, third date and many more.
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