On a first date or when meeting for the first time, the most important factor is what becomes immediately apparent to a woman: a man’s outward appearance. Women just need a few moments to register, assess and catalogue a man into one of the four familiar categories: uninteresting, friend, lover, potential long term mate. For this reason, not only clothing but personal hygiene and grooming in general constitute a particularly important basis for getting flirting and dating off on the right foot.

In order not to be classed into the wrong category already from the start, it is not only important to wear the right clothes but also to leave a neat impression, because women suspect that behind an unkempt appearance there is a person who will take no pains in life, neither in a relationship with her, nor in the achievement of his own goals and wishes. This is something of the utmost importance in terms of attractiveness and must in no way be underestimated. If one is looking for the best flirting tips, there is indeed no perfect scheme, but there are many details that make meeting a woman easier and the prospect of a second date more likely.

The following points relate to a proper personal hygiene and the good outward appearance associated with it:
Showering daily.

Although we often hear that it is not really necessary to take a shower every day, or maybe even that it could be bad for the skin, this is only true for very few people. A daily shower and the body cleansing associated with is essential for real success with women. And you should not only use the right shower gel, but also scrub down your whole body properly with a sponge or a washcloth. Giving yourself a cat’s lick, i.e. just applying shower gel to those body parts that are known to be smelly and rinsing it off immediately afterwards is absolutely insufficient. Should you have dry or sensitive skin, you should buy your shower gel accordingly – there is a right product for every skin type.

Washing your hair daily. This is just the same as what we have already discussed for daily showering: shampooing daily is neither harmful for your hair nor for your scalp. However, should you have any problems in this respect you can easily choose your perfect products from the wide range of shampoos and conditioners, or get advice at a drugstore or pharmacy.

Well-groomed fingernails and toenails. This is almost a science in itself and the best tip is to indulge at least once in a professional manicure and pedicure and learn how to keep your fingernails and toenails in perfect condition. Cleanliness is of course essential, and very good results can already be achieved with a set of nail clippers and a nail file. A key characteristic for men appearing in women surveys always is “beautiful hands”.