I have a girlfriend, we are living in India. My name is Prashant and her name is Sumaiya. We both are doing graduation in India. We have a long distance relationship, we live in cities separated by 600miles. We mainly talk on the phone, and we get very less opportunity to meet each other due to our busy schedule and studies. But we love each other very much in spite of all problems.The problem is that she hates any type of interaction with any girl whether it be on facebook or by any other means. Whenever she finds out that i have done so, she gets furious n stops answering my calls n messages and after prolonged melodrama i get to convince her and the next moment she becomes as normal as nothing has ever happened. Our relationship has not been so long (only 6 months).

We knew each other when I was in 9th grade and she was in 7th grade. During school days I was very much like a playboy of the school and due to my good looks and witty and strong nature I was also like a homing beacon for girls. The story today is still the same. She knows everything about me and my past girlfriends.I love her very much and due to that I have turned down many girls. I don’t know why she has to do this. After every 3 to 4 days she comes up with a new reason to get angry or she gets angry even if I discuss about any girl even if she happens to be my best friend.Recently I posted my pics on facebook with my female friends taken at a birthday party.

She got so furious that she blocked me and didn’t replied to my calls and messages for full 1 week.

I have convinced her anyhow by all means necessary but these incidents have left me confused that what should i do.I do care for her and love her and its not that i lack in expressing myself but then also she told one of our mutual friend that i don’t value her or care for her, there is an unknown problem between us.There is one more thing, every time she gets angry she says that “Don’t call me or message me, i don’t want to talk to you and our relation is over”. This is her clothing line for every time when she gets angry with me.I have started feeling like a whimpering puppy without any help.Please help me.
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