It’s important to make a good first impression on your first date

How do you feel about going on a first date?

If you’re like most women a first date is  not always something you’re looking forward to. After all, you’re being judged, in some way, by the man you’re meeting.

That’s why when you go on a first date you want to look your best. You want to make sure that you can catch and keep your date’s  attention and make a good first impression.

Looking good for a first date does not have to do with age, weight or how beautiful you are. While physical appearance is important, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, there are things you should do that will make you look better, and feel good about yourself.

Here are some tips that will help you look great on your first date:

1. Wear Something Comfortable That Fits You Well.

Don’t sacrifice style for function, but give some thought to what you wear. You may look sexy in a certain outfit, but it’s not going to impress your date if you spend the whole night adjusting yourself because it’s too tight or too short. How much attention can you pay to your date when you’re worrying about a clothing mishap.

For your first date ask yourself:

  • Are my clothes appropriate for a first date?
  • Am I comfortable in these clothes? Do I feel self-conscious about what I’m wearing?
  • Did I ask where we were going, so I don’t overdress or underdress for the location?

2. Let Him See Your Smile, A Genuine Smile.

Your body language can speak volumes before you even say a word. A smile can let your date know you’re enjoying yourself and that you enjoy his company.  On a first date you’ll both be tense, your smile can help change that, as long as it’s genuine.

Even if the conversation seems to be going well, if you sit expressionless or with a fake or forced grin, he won’t think you’re having fun. If he things you’re unhappy or bored with him, what are the chances that he’ll ask for a second date.

For your first date ask yourself:

  • Do I feel comfortable smiling?
  • Do I need to practice smiling every day in the mirror and with people I know?
  • What does my smile affect how I feel when I ‘m on a date.

3. Show Him You’re a Confident Woman.

Men find confident women sexy. One way to show that you’re confidence is with your body language. Maintaining eye contact is one way to appear more confident. According to Kara Oh, author of Men Made Easy, one of the things that men found attractive in women, after their appearance was their posture.

For your first date ask yourself:

4. Let Him Know You’re Interested in the Conversation.

The world is full of distractions. On your first date you need to tune them out. So turn off your cell phone, don’t listen to the arguing couple at the next table and don’t notice your ex walking in the door of the restaurant with his new girlfriend. No one said it was going to be easy.

Your date needs to know that while you’re together on your date, your focus is on him. Listen to what he’s saying and engage in conversation. Don’t let him do all the talking and make sure you don’t do all the talking. The most important thing is that you make sure there’s a lively back and forth exchange.

For your first date ask yourself:

  1. Am I good at making conversation on a first date?
  2. Do I have a list of conversation topics that I can use if conversation lapses?
  3. Have I gone over what I know about my date so that we have something to talk about?
  4. Does my body language say that I’m interested in a man?

5. Always Remember to Be Yourself

This tip applies to your first date, everything leading up to it and after it. While you want to look great  on your date, you want to make sure you’re being yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Eventually he’ll have to meet the real you, so might as well make it now.

For your first date ask yourself:

  • Do I believe that I’m worthy of being loved?
  • Do I believe that I’m lovable as I am right now?
  • Do I honestly believe a man can love me for who I am?

After all, if your dating in the hopes of finding love, then you want him to love the real you. Not the person you wish you were or that you think he wants. The right man for you will love you as you are. So be honest with him and with yourself. If he doesn’t like you for who you are on your first date, do you really want a relationship with him?

Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll have a wonderful first date, but I can guarantee you’ll feel good about yourself while you’re on your date.

The better you feel about dating, the more fun you’ll have on your first dates. The more fun you have the more dates you’ll go on and that’s how you’ll find the right man for you.

How do you create a good first impression on a first date? Share your story.

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